Die 3. Frau "The 3rd Woman", Cover of the CD showing an underground tunnel
© ma ! mi ! - music 2010

The 3rd Woman

It began sixty years ago, when the Viennese composer Anton Karas created this tune. With the premiere of Orson Welles' classic film "The Third Man", the "Harry Lime Theme" became an instantly recognized melody that conquered the entire world. Among other things, it became the first Austrian number one hit in America.

One could say that the Viennese producers Michael Hopfgartner and Georg Tomandl have now given the Third Man a little sister for his 60th  "The 3rd WOMAN" certainly has a family resemblance to its brother, although it now has a fresh and new character, the zither makes way for vibrant whistling and the overall sound has more of a groove. This sister is making a sunny, cheerful and contemporary impression - but you should really just listen for yourself...

By the way: The footsteps of Harry Lime in Vienna are just as fresh now as they were 50 years ago: Follow them on the Third Man tour, with a stroll to the original filming locations, a tour of the canal, and its own museum and theatrical film.


"DIE 3. FRAU" - Remix des "Harry Lime Theme" von Anton Karas (Filmmusik zu "Der dritte Mann") von Michael Hopfgartner, 2010.

"DIE 3. FRAU" - remixed by michael hopfgartner
ma ! mi ! - music 2010

georg tomandl: keyboard arrangement
barnasonic: whistling & clavinette
jojo lackner: bass
joszef botos: guitar

mixed & mastered by georg tomandl@sunshine mastering Vienna

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