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Wienerlied-und? music festival, accordeon player
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Musical Advent calendar

In Vienna - the City of Music - there is a very special musical Advent calendar full of tuneful surprises in the run-up to Christmas with the concert series "Wienerlied - und?". The focus is on concert experiences in more unusual locations, really close to the actors on stage, far away from the commercial side of Christmas. It's about music made in Vienna and about world music, about dialogs between these artistic poles, sometimes beyond them, too. - A tip for everyone seeking the unusual.

Musical surprises in Viennese dialect

The program is as follows: On December 1 in the 1st district (with Turumtay & Zaric and the famous musicians of Madame Baheux at Porgy & Bess), on December 2 in the 2nd district, and so on. Until finally, on December 23, the Clara Blume Trio gives a final Advent calendar concert in the Schutzhaus Rosenhügel, before everyone yields to the joys of Christmas. In attendance on all 23 dates is Santa Claus, the mascot of the festival from the puppet workshop of theater artist Susita Fink.

Concert highlights

Top musicians can be experienced in this tenth anniversary edition of "Wienerlied - und?": Mary Broadcast, who is musically at home in pop, plays at Neruda, the Trio Lepschi gathers at the Tag/Theater on Gumpendorfer Strasse.

The duo Die Goas is made up of Hans-Peter Falkner and Markus Binder: The two men are better known as Attwenger, but in the musical calendar they produce softer tones of Upper Austrian folk music at Theater am Spittelberg with tuba, harmonica and their voices.

Gottfried Gfrerer and Harry Pierron invite you to the old arched theater "Der Vogelkeller" in the restaurant Fromme Helene, where Gfrerer plays material from his new album "Polychrom".

The evening when Die Strottern perform again at the Schutzhaus am Heuberg is a cult happening. The meeting of Zinq with actor Johannes Silberschneider aka Johnny Silver at Vindobona is exciting, as is that of Alicia Edelweiss with cellist Lukas Lauermann. One of the truly great stars of current Viennese music, Der Nino aus Wien, performs in the (certainly too) little Café Falk.

Wienerlied - und?
The musical Advent calendar

23 concerts from December 1 to 23, 2018
one venue in each Viennese district

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