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Advent Calendar of music

In Vienna – the City of Music – there is a very special musical Advent calendar full of tuneful surprises in the run-up to Christmas with the concert series "Wienerlied – und?". The focus is on concert experiences in not always everyday locations, close to the actors on stage, far away from the commercial side of Christmas. It's about music made in Vienna and about world music. – A tip for everyone seeking the unusual.

Musical surprises in Viennese dialect

The event runs as follows: The musical Advent calendar in 2022 takes off on December 1 with Yasmo & die Klangkantine (with their new album "Laut Und Lost") at the Porgy & Bess in the 1st district and lands a day before Christmas Eve in the 23rd district.

The music on December 6 is on a grand scale with the Vokalensemble GLAS (polyphonic women’s chants) at Theater an der Gumpendorfersrtasse/TAG; also on December 7 at Theater am Spittelberg, when the Beschwerdechor (Complaints Choir) sings its way through all kinds of complaints accompanied by a band.

Tini Trampler & Playback Dolls launch their new album, the fine songs of "Chansons 2084" can be safely heard at Schutzhaus Zukunft on December 15. By the way, trumpeter and singer Bernhard Rabitsch, who once made music with the legendary Falco, is also a Playback Doll.

The next day, on December 16, Martin Spengler & Die foischn Wiener:innen create an atmosphere that is not at all “foisch” (false) at Weinhaus Sittl.

A constant highlight of the festival is announced for December 17: Die Strottern with Peter Ahorner in the iconic Schutzhaus am Heuberg.

Tini Kainrath sings, Peter Havlicek plays contraguitar, and guests are also invited to Strandgasthaus Birner on the Old Danube on December 21.

Solos & Duos

There are also solo performances – such as by Jovan Torbica on December 4 at Neruda and by Slavko Ninic on December 11 at Hopfen & Malz – both normally united in the Tschuschenkapelle, of course. Or duos like that of the wonderful Anna Mabo with her constant musical companion Clemens Sainitzer on December 9 at the Schubert Theater.

In between, the musical Advent calendar visits all other Viennese districts. Also participating is the festival's mascot created by Susita Fink: The real-life Santa Claus (don't call him a puppet!). His watchful eyes and open ears look forward with the audience to exciting musical encounters.

Wienerlied - und?
The musical Advent calendar

23 concerts from December 1 to 23, 2022
one venue in each Viennese district

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