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Nirit Sommerfeld & Shlomo Geistreich - KlezMore Festival 2017
© Jens Heilmann

KlezMore Festival Vienna

The festival series comprises 15 concerts in Vienna. Things kick off on 4 November at the Porgy & Bess with Troi and the Duo Lerner/Moguilevsky, which mixes its klezmer with Argentinian folklore, jazz, tango and contemporary music.

The next day, Gulaza from Israel take the audience to the world of the "secret songs of the Yemenite Women" at Theater Akzent.

On 9 November, Nirit Sommerfeld & Shlomo Geistreich blend their klezmer roots with pop and rap at the Sargfabrik. At the same venue, Bruno Girard (Bratsch) and the pianist Denis Cuniot dive into the music of Central and Eastern Europe as YAT on 16 November.

Another splendid evening is due on 15 November in the Ehrbar Saal, when the incomparable Bettina Wegner raises her voice with Karsten Troyke and Jens Peter Kruse.

A closing gala is not enough: Die Wandervögel meet Shmaltz at Haus der Begegnung Rudolfsheim on 18 November, while the final tones of the KlezMore Festival 2017 belong to Dobrek Bistro at the Metropol on 19 November.

Old black and white movies are accompanied live at Café Tachles for the three Sunday silent movie matinées (5, 12, 19 November). A jam session will be held there on 20 November.

World music of today

The intense klezmer sounds have their origins in medieval Eastern Europe, when Jewish wandering musicians played at weddings and other festivals. Violins, clarinets and flutes imitate the human voice and produce gripping melodies to captivating rhythms. Nowadays, this traditional music is being reinterpreted by many young artists. Klezmer has long been world music.

14th KlezMore Festival Vienna

4-19 November 2017
12 venues across Vienna

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