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Latin grooves and more in the Neruda

Located in the heart of the densely packed entertainment and dining scene of the Freihausviertel is the KulturRaum Neruda. Artists from South America gather here, as do Viennese fans of rhythmic music ranging from samba and bossa nova to Afro-Brazilian jazz.

Marco Antonio Sanhueza, a musician who lives in Vienna but was born in Chile, established the Neruda as an open cultural space and interface for artists from his homeland. But that’s not all - bands and theater groups from around the world regularly perform here. The song is particularly important in South America, and so a festival of the song - "Trova Sur" - is held each autumn in the Neruda. Including singers from such countries as Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela and Bolivia. Exhibitions are also held, and authors are currently trying out the Neruda as a writing workshop.

Cocktails are poured and small dishes offered in the pretty bar. The event space can also be used for private events.

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