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Kulturhaus Sargfabrik

The thematically arranged concert series is called "Klangwelten - Musik rund um den Globus" (Sound Worlds - Music around the Globe). It comprises around 120 evenings in the year, on which excerpts of contemporary musical creativity are presented. With this attractive program, the Sargfabrik spans an arc from European to non-European music, from jazz to world music and folk music traditions from a wide selection of the world's cultures. The intimate setting - the hall holds a maximum of 300 visitors - allows audiences to get up close to the musicians.

Cultural project

The name Sargfabrik also refers to Austria's biggest self-initiated residential and cultural project: an association that has created a residential project on the scale of a small town in the west of Vienna on the area of what used to be the biggest imperial and royal casket makers "Julius Maschner & Söhne". It includes the Kulturhaus, which is run with a huge amount of commitment and dedication.


Goldschlagstraße 169
1140 Vienna

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