Sand Performance Show by artist Irina Titova

Sand painting show Vienna

Sand painting or the art of sand animation is an extraordinary form of painting. It makes it possible to create seemingly aesthetic, living images. The way the motifs flow into each other creates a constant series of new and fascinating scenes.

The fingers of the sand artist Irina Titova "dance" in harmony with the coordinated music across a glass plate covered by sand illuminated from below. The process creates wonderful stories in pictures, similar to silhouettes. These are filmed by a camera and transferred onto a large screen in real time. But just as exciting as the happenings on the screen is watching the sand performance artist herself. With a few flicks of the wrist, she creates an image - but just for that moment. As soon as the picture appears finished, it is wiped away again and a new scene is created. This creates a magical atmosphere that audiences find hard to tear themselves away from.

Vienna, Vienna, only you alone ...

The full-length live show "Vienna, Vienna, only you alone ..." is performed in Vienna's oldest small stage, the Neue Tribüne Wien – directly underneath Café Landtmann in downtown Vienna. Audience members meet Sisi and Emperor Franz in Schönbrunn, ride in a horse-drawn carriage along the Ringstrasse boulevard past City Hall and Parliament, experience Herbert von Karajan at the New Year's Concert in the Musikverein, marvel at the débutantes at the Opera Ball in the Vienna State Opera and celebrate Falco at his legendary concert on Danube Island.

Sand painting show Vienna

Fri and Sat, 8.00 pm (until end of March 2017)


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