My Perfect Day in Vienna

Six interwoven web videos, each about 11 minutes in length, let you experience the pleasurable facets of everyday Vienna in an interactive way. This involves you accompanying one of the six main presenters on their way through the city for as long as wish - and you can switch to one of the other people when the opportunity arises in the story.

This switching creates a real network of Vienna tours. On a nice note: the six guides aren't actors, but people like you and me, who live in Vienna and have all manner of tips to offer away from the well-trodden path. Furthermore, each of the protagonists has particular preferences that lend the respective day in Vienna a very special note.

For example, there's the roughly 40 year-old Erdem, a photographer and IT expert with Turkish roots and a marked inclination for food. Or the 27 year-old street artist Isabella, you leads you through the art scene. Julian (31) is the publisher of an online magazine and is passionate about wine taverns. A penchant also shared by the silversmith owner Jean Paul (30). The 21 year-old Spanish exchange student Pillar feels visibly good in the imperial ambience of Schönbrunn Palace and Park. While Violetta, a 30 year-old musician, does everything possible to get the best ice-cream in the city after a breakfast picnic.

And what does your perfect day in Vienna look like?
with city map to download and prize competition

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