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From "AU-PAIR" to "PURR-SAY"

English-speaking visitors to Vienna only realize how tricky it can be pronouncing the names of Vienna's sights when they ask they way to them, map in hand. Helpful locals often have to tackle the issue several times to understand where the visitor wants to go.

This problem is now a thing of the past - with the phonetic city map, which shows the names of Vienna's most important sights using English words. Consequently, visitors now have a convenient way to ask for directions in terms they can pronounce. The correct pronunciation of Donauturm ("DOUGH-NOW-DORM”), Parliament ("PAR-LUM-ANT") or Rathaus ("RUT-HOUSE") will no longer present any difficulty.

The map was compiled by the Viennese author Harald Havas, who amongst other things became known for a series of scurrilous hotchpotch books such as "Wiener Sammelsurium", "Habsburger Sammelsurium" and "Kurioses Wien". Accordingly, presenting the names of Vienna's sights in this amusing way is also a lot of fun for the Viennese and other German-speaking contemporaries.

For a brief introductory course to Vienna's sights in Denglish, download the phonetic city map here.

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