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Subject Gault & Millau Genuss-Messe

Summit of celebrity chefs

Gault & Millau bring 100 award-winning chefs and 50 winemakers from across Austria to Vienna for the Genuss-Messe 2016 on 17 and 18 September. At the Kursalon Wien, visitors can sample everything from award-winning pub food to stunning avant-garde creations. All the big names will be there, from Heinz Reitbauer from the Steirereck in Vienna to Konstantin Filippou and Silvio Nickol (both also from Vienna) through to the Obauer brothers from Werfen and Simon Taxacher from the Tyrol. For visitors, it’s a unique opportunity to experience such a line-up of leading chefs in a single place.

Superlative pleasure

The right accompaniment to the culinary highlights comes from the 50 winemakers who will be presenting their wines at the Gault & Millau Genuss-Messe. Among them: Domäne Wachau, Weingut Bründlmayer, Fritz Wieninger and Weingut Jurtschitsch. Beer, schnapps and fruit juice producers also present their award-winning drinks.

In addition to the sampling, there’s also the chance to watch selected leading chefs at work in the show kitchen. For example, Simon Taxacher will be showing how he prepares Kaspressknödel (fried cheese dumplings), while Rudolf Obauer presents one of his trout recipes.

Gault & Millau Genuss-Messe 2016

17-18 September 2016
Sa 11.00 am - 8.00 pm, Su 11.00 am - 7.00 pm

A set number of tastings are included in the admission price.

Exterior shot of the Kursalon Wien in the Stadtpark

Kursalon Wien in the Stadtpark

Heinz Reitbauer, Steirereck, Vienna
Heinz Reitbauer from the Steirereck
Silvio Nickol

Silvio Nickol cooks in Palais Coburg

Porträt von Konstantin Filippou

Konstantin Filippou of the eponymous restaurant

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