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Restaurant Kristians Monastiri

Vienna Restaurant Week

The Vienna Restaurant Week is one of the culinary highlights of the year and offers an ideal opportunity to get to know the wide variety of high-end dining the city has to offer. Once again, excellent menus will be offered at a reduced fixed price. The surprise menus cost €14.50 at lunchtime (for two courses) and €29.50 in the evening (for two courses). Establishments with two or more toques may charge a supplement of €10.00 both at lunchtime and in the evening.

The Vienna Restaurant Week is held twice a year. Around 70 leading restaurants with up to two toques each participate in the culinary week, offering diverse cooking of every genre. Restaurants participating this time include Clementine im Glashaus, dasTurm, Stadtgasthaus Eisvogel, Kristian's Monastiri, Hansen, Kutschker44, Kornhäuslturm, ef16, Kornat, Martinelli, and ON Market.

Vienna Restaurant Week

14 to 20 September 2015
Register starting 1 September 2015 at:

Early booking for users of under the following link with the password: wien

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