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Tax free Shopping

This is how it works:

Ask the salesperson to fill out a taxfree form for you (name and foreign address must be completed) and to give you the envelope with a list of all refund points. The original invoice must be stapled to the tax-free form.

Present your purchase to the customs officer when you leave the European Union, and have the tax-free form stamped with the customs emigration stamp. No refund is possible without this stamp! You can either get a cash refund at any of over 700 refund points worldwide (e.g. at airports or in your home country), or you can send the completed tax-free form, including the original receipts, in a pre-paid envelope to your tax-free service provider for a refund to your credit card.

At the Vienna airport, you will find the refund points in the shopping area and near the customs desks at gates D, F and G. For further refund points in Vienna, see the websites of the taxfree providers:

The average refund after deduction of a handling fee by the tax-free provider amounts to about 15% of the purchase price.

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