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The first edition of the new culinary festival opens on 19 May with a “Long Table” in the heart of Vienna city center. For a donation to a good cause, visitors can take a seat here and enjoy delicious treats. The "Long Table" will be set up at other locations during the festival: on 21 May in the elegant festival hall of the Hotel Imperial and on 22 May at the Bitzinger sausage stand by the Albertina.

Enjoyment meets tradition

Traditional Viennese companies also play a big role at Wienissimo - Festival of good taste. On 20 May, visitors can have lunch at the former imperial and royal court shoemaker Scheer, together with host Markus Scheer and his shoemakers. On 25 May - on the occasion of the company’s 200th anniversary - a seven-course menu will be served in honor of the seven generations of the Scheer family.

Christian Petz offers a surprise menu on the topic of "Wild Vienna" at his inn on 23 May. A soirée of merrymaking awaits visitors at Lusthaus Wien on 24 May. To round off the Wienissimo festival, a ‘morning pint’ will be held on 29 May in the Vienna Ballhaus, a fantastic historic hall which is now open to the public again after a long and deep sleep. On the same day, Viennese vintners present a selection of Wiener Gemischter Satz at a tasting on the Summerstage.


The Viennese festival of good taste
19-29 May 2016
Numerous venues, reservation required for the individual dates!

Nicely laid table

Hotel Imperial

Nicely laid table


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