Danube City
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Danube City

The realization of the entire project should be finalized by about the year 2012 in three large building phases in a time span of twelve years in all. The overall plan for the projects was developed by the Viennese architects Krischanitz und Neumann.

A third of the usable area will be devoted to offices and administration, with the Ares Tower by architect Neumann and the Andromeda Tower by architect Holzbauer being the most significant buildings. The main part of the office area is located near the underground station Kaisermühlen.

Versatile and Convenient to Public Transport

The main body of the apartment area stretches along the Danube Park to the banks of the New Danube and contains about 1500 apartments. A kindergarten, an elementary school (architect: Hans Hollein) as well as a small center for provisions are also integrated. What is so special about this living area is the immediate access to the recreation areas, the view across the Danube and the easy accessibility of public access.

Upon its completion, the Danube City will provide living space of the highest quality and close to 12,000 jobs for 3,500 people in a unique ambiance, and add a new and surprising facet to Vienna. In addition to the office and apartment areas, there will be a multitude of facilities for leisure, sports, learning and culture, providing a vital and urban atmosphere. This, together with the vicinity of the Copa Cagrana and the New Danube, offers attractive and versatile leisure opportunities.

Danube City

Kaisermühlen, 1220 Wien
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Margarethe Cufer, Hans Hollein, Adolf Krischanitz, Hermann Czech, Arata Isozaki, Roman Delugan, Gustav Peichl, Heinz Neumann, Michael Loudon, Wilhelm Holzbauer

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