Kabelwerk (Cable Works)

The designs for apartment building, hotel, and conference center was created by the architectural bureau Mascha & Seethaler; for the several heterogeneous apartment buildings, Hermann & Valentiny, Martin Wurnig, and Branimir Kljajic; and for the colorful atrium houses, Georg Schwalm-Theiss and Horst Gressenbauer.
The cable works have become an international example for a new generation of city planning.

Cable Works (Kabelwerk)

Oswaldgasse 33, 1120 Wien

Mascha & Seethaler, Schwalm-Theiss Gressenbauer, Hermann & Valentiny, Pool Architektur ZT GmbH, Martin Wurnig, Branimir Kljajic, Spiegelfeld & Holnsteiner

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