Mano Design

Porcelain by Mano Design

The designer, Hedwig Rotter, handcrafts around 100 different products under the Mano Design label. Her focus is on porcelain. However, other materials are also used, such as silicone. Her products are creative, but also functional and of high quality at the same time. The products from Mano Design are noted for their humorous look and playing with traditions. For example, the fine crockery from the Country Outing range. Delicate motifs with cattle, deer and edelweiss are applied to the fine porcelain using the screen printing process. The pattern on the edges is reminiscent of cross-stitch. Fairy-tale figures also decorate the chinaware.

Porcelain can be worked with in many ways: Thus Mano Design also creates perforated bowls and vases in the Dots range. The latest collection turns familiar perceptions on their heads, with the template for the manufacturing of vases becoming a product in its own right.

A showroom and salesroom are also attached to Hedwig Rotter's studio in Vienna's 16th district.

Mano Design

Grundsteingasse 36/1-3, 1160 Wien
  • Opening times

    • Tu - Fr, 12:00 - 18:00
    • also by telephone appointment
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Mano Design
Mano Design
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