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Open House: Experience Vienna's architecture of the future

In focus are new buildings and districts that show what Vienna's architecture will develop towards given the current challenges. In other words: climate change plays as much of a central role in Open House 2021 as the pandemic. Because cities that want to remain livable in the future will need a high degree of resilience – they will need to be able to withstand rapidly advancing processes of change. Sophisticated architectural solutions are therefore an important lever for meeting these challenges head on.

Climate-fit and socially relevant

This year's free architecture weekend focuses on buildings that point to the way to the future, as well as entire districts that show how cities are so much more than the sum of their houses. Because good architecture is also capable of inspiring social coexistence. Accordingly, the slogan of Open House 2021 is: "How sustainable is Vienna!?" The focus is on residential buildings, hotels and boat sheds that make use of wood as a building material, as well as on buildings with ultra-modern energy solutions and construction projects that aim at social inclusion.

Open House Vienna 2021

Satisfying new requirements

More than anything else, the pandemic has shown how quickly life in cities can change and the new needs that arise: quality outdoor spaces near to homes, local production, as well as digital and low-barrier access to education are just some of the aspects that make up a resilient city. Vienna's city planners have long been engaged with the city of the future. The publication "Resilient City International – Vienna in an international context", which stipulates four dimensions for city development, was first published in 2018. Open House Vienna will focus on these four dimensions – on the basis of exemplary buildings that are fit for the future:

  • Governance & Leadership: The involvement of civil society must be approved, supported and encouraged even more in future. Construction group projects with different focal points will therefore be presented at Open House Vienna 2021: An den Kohlenrutschen, bikes&rails, the Hasendorf Residential Project in Lower Austria, and many others.
  • Health & Society: Identity-forming initiatives and narratives are more than buzzwords. Social inclusion is practiced at Open House Vienna: with Wildgarten, Garage Grande, Que[e]rbau Seestadt, etc. Collective identities are donated by the Mietshaussyndikat tenement syndicate. And cultural heritage can be experienced at George Washington Hof and Fabiani House.
  • Industry & Work: Cooperative developments and implementations of new, urban solutions play a lead role in the city of the future. And, of course, training places and jobs in the city. That's why this year's Open House Vienna has an MINT adventure trail (Mathematics, Informatics, Natural science & Technology): with Deck50, Happylab, Botanicum, Wissens°raum & techLAB. New works in the city are shown by Ikea and the ground-floor zone in the Nordbahnviertel.
  • Infrastructure & Environment: A crisis-resistant Vienna needs a functioning waste management system, a circular economy and CO2-neutral construction. That's why Open House Vienna has a wood trail with buildings in which the sustainable material was used from new or for the refurbishment: the Ilse Wallentin House, the Hedy Lamarr Boat Shed, the vivihouse, the HoHo Wien, the Strohhaus Seyring, the LCH - LIFE Cycle Habitation. How energy will be generated, stored, and distributed in future is shown by the projects Energie Krieau, Peer2Peer im Quartier, MGG22, Atelierhaus c-21, and SMART BLOCK Geblergasse. One very special concept for how nature and urban life can be combined is biotope city. The redensification of existing buildings can be seen at Skywood. How building with wood can also succeed in densely built areas is presented by Wood, a hotel made from wood, with straw as blow-in insulation. The production site of this blow-in insulation can also be viewed during Open House Vienna.

Open House Vienna

September 11 + 12, 2021

Open House Vienna

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