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The Italian Culture Institute is now part of central Vienna, but when this palace was built in 1821-22, it was on the edge of the city, and included extensive gardens.
© Dieter Henkel

Architecture exclusively open to all

How does a passive house work? What’s the story behind the spherical Kugelmugel? What is it like to live and work as an artist in a studio-home in Mauer? And what is the significance of the 26 steel tree grates in the new urban lakeside development at Seestadt Aspern? Now in its fifth year, the architecture festival Open House Vienna invites the public to admire, explore and experience some prominent architectural highlights in and around Vienna. This year 80 buildings from many different eras – including sustainable and highly energy-efficient buildings – will open their doors to curious and interested visitors.

The “Open House” concept was conceived in 1992 in London. Since then, Open House events have been held in over 30 cities all over the world, including Rome, New York and Lagos. Vienna was the first city in the German-speaking countries to join the Open House “family.” The principle behind the concept is to make interesting architecture accessible for everyone to experience. And it works: more and more visitors every year are keen to take a look at what is behind Vienna’s front doors.

Open House Vienna

September 15 + 16, 2018

Locations and viewing times

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