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View into the Länderbank building
© Lennart Horst

Exciting architectural insights

"Mere mortals" are unable to visit many of Vienna's beautiful structures – from Art Nouveau buildings to private apartments and modern offices. All this will change on the weekend of 9 and 10 September 2017, when "Open House Vienna" will be held for the fourth time. Visitors can tour the interiors of more than 60 buildings free of charge and without pre-registration. Accessible, among others, are the new ÖAMTC headquarters, the former Bohemian Court Chancellery, the Nordbahn-Halle, the former Poliklinik, the Philips Haus and many other buildings.

This year for the first time, the design of open areas in the urban space is also a topic: Rudolf Bednar Park, the open space in Viertel Zwei, and Hannah Arendt Park are the "green" stops. There are also special routes on the themed areas of "Green/Grün", "History/Geschichte" and "Contemporary/Zeitgenössisch". Architects, landscape planners and building experts are on hand during designated specialist tours to give the visitors detailed insights.

"Open House" had its origins in London in 1992. This open day for architecture can now be enjoyed in more than 30 cities worldwide – from Buenos Aires to Rome and from Tel Aviv to Melbourne.

Open House Vienna

9 + 10 September 2017
Locations and viewing times:

Modern building with lake and trees
Open space in Viertel Zwei © Dieter Henkel
Exterior view of the new ÖAMTC headquarters
ÖAMTC headquarters © Dieter Henkel
People on the roof of a building enjoying the view
Broad perspective of the OMV building © Kay von Aspern
Entrance portal to the Poliklinik hospital
Poliklinik © Dieter Henkel
Exterior view of a modern residential building
Living on Heuberg © Max Kropitz
Visitors in the stairway of the Stock Exchange building
Visitors in the Stock Exchange building © Kay von Aspern
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