Garden view of Miller House in Palm Springs by Richard Neutra with pool in the foreground

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Wonderful buildings of a forgotten Viennese

Neutra's buildings were among the most visionary to be built in the USA starting in the 1920s. The designs of the Viennese born in 1892 impress with their radical objectivity. Neutra didn't need any frills to achieve great architectural effect. Clear lines, open layouts and maximum functionality were at the center of his creations. These are houses whose aesthetic value lies in their simple beauty. He realized hundreds of buildings in the USA and became an architecture star.

Viennese roots

The degree to which Neutra, who died in 1970, left his mark on 20th century architecture was illustrated at the end of the 1940s by "Time Magazine": Neutra is one of the few architects to ever have made it onto the cover of the US magazine. But everything began in the Vienna at the turn of the previous century.

Otto Wagner as youth hero

Legend has it that Neutra's interest in architecture was supposedly awoken by a ride on the city railway designed by Otto Wagner. The importance that Wagner held for him is evident in one of Nitra's quotes: "For me, he is Hercules, Achilles and Buffalo Bill all rolled into one."

Another great provided Neutra's training. He was a student of Adolf Loos in the latter's construction school. Having emigrated to the USA, the Viennese hooked up professionally in the office of architecture legend Frank Lloyd Wright. Yet while Neutra created sensational buildings across the Atlantic, he fell into oblivion in his homeland. The exhibition "Richard Neutra. Homes for California" tries to change that.

Californian light conditions

The show in the MUSA mostly focuses on the single-family houses realized in California. Current and highly impressive photographs of the visionary dwellings can be seen. The spectacular colors of the pictures in the MUSA bring a small piece of California to Vienna. If you would like to go in search of architectural traces in Vienna, you should head to the Werkbund Estate in Hietzing, where Neutra's only building to be realized in Vienna can be found.

Richard Neutra. Homes for California

February 13 - September 20, 2020

Please note: Due to the current situation, opening hours of the individual institutions may have changed. Please inform yourself before your visit to the museums.

Wien Museum MUSA

Felderstraße 6-8
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      All exhibition openings with sign-language translation, art education with sign-language translation on prior arrangement, induction loop for hearing impaired.

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