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Question: You run one of the oldest and at the same time most modern zoos in the world, a top sight in Vienna. Which Viennese museums and collections are your favorites?
Answer: The Belvedere is among my favorite museums, because it shows extensive and modern exhibitions. I also like to see the Schieles at the Leopold Museum. I visit the MuseumsQuartier in the first place to meet people and enjoy the ambience. There is so much life in the courtyard, and spontaneously I often also visit an exhibition. The Viennese museum world is so varied that it is impossible to list them all.

Question: How would you define a successful weekend in Vienna?
Answer: a successful weekend has to include a and to the House of Music as well as a visit at the Schönbrunn Zoo. At the end of the day, one might want to sit in the open air in a restaurant in the center of Vienna, or the "Bermuda Triangle," where one can enjoy Viennese flair and Viennese life. And in-between, one should visit an old coffeehouse, such as the Café Central or the Café Sperl. Here, one even learns to love grumpy waiters.

Question: What in your opinion is the high point of a visit to Vienna?
A visit to Schönbrunn Palace is the crowning of every visit of Vienna.

Question: Which is your favorite restaurant in Vienna?
Answer: The Grünspan von Plachutta is among my favorites, I like sitting there as much as I like visiting another beautiful beer garden or Heurigen.

Question: What is special about Vienna for you, what makes the flair of this city?
Answer: Vienna is the most charming city in the world, and the special flair is this mixture. This combination of the best of everything, that is unique to Vienna!
Ms. Schratter, thank you very much!


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