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Vienna from an eagle's eye view

In October 2017, the siblings Bruno and Fritzi, two golden eagles from Carinthia, took off with a camera on their back from a hot-air balloon at a height of 500 m, in order to record Vienna from a special perspective. The hot-air balloon took off from the garden of Palais Schwarzenberg in Vienna's 3rd district. The eagles flew mainly over the 3rd and 1st districts, made a few circles above the Ringstrasse, the city center, a few parks and gardens, and finally returned to their falconer and a treat on the ground.

The recordings were then added to by the French sea eagles Darshan and Victor. The eagle colleagues took off from the Danube Tower at a height of 160 m and plunged from there into the depths. Above all, they beautifully captured the evening autumn atmosphere around Danube Island.

Tip: The effect is particularly real when you play the 360-degree video over a VR headset.

All four eagles are already experienced filming specialists. They circled the city and collected spectacular pictures and shots from different angles. Vienna's beauty can only be properly appreciated from a bird's eye view. It was also a special premiere for the birds of prey, as never before have eagles been used with a 360-degree camera over a metropolis of millions.

360 long version: Adlervideo

Please notice: If you want to watch it on your mobile you have to open the YouTube app to have the full 360 experience.

Here's how it works:

If you don't know 360-degree videos: Simply swipe through the running movie with the mouse on your computer and be amazed. You can watch the video from different perspectives. If you have a VR headset, simply insert a smartphone and start the video.

In cooperation with Red Bull Media House and Peter Clausen Film Produktion.

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