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Trials and tribulations – in a series

Vienna, Fin de Siècle, 1886. A new age is dawning, and with it the revolutionary theories of the young Sigmund Freud are becoming increasingly defined – and louder. The visionary encounters heavy opposition to his ideas, which almost leaves him in despair. It is right now that he meets the psychic medium Fleur Salomé and Alfred Kiss, a war veteran and police officer, and finds himself at their side in the midst of a murderous conspiracy. The beginning of a hypnotic trip that attempts to dive into the depths of the human soul. – The series can be streamed on Netflix from March 23. ORF is showing the eight-part series from March 15 (broadcast schedule at the end of the article).

"We want to show a lesser-known Freud – a man on the search for recognition, between reason and instinct," promises Marvin Kren, director of "Freud".

Hysteria and Hypnosis

The young Freud (Robert Finster) gets to know Inspector Kiss (Georg Friedrich) between hysteria, sinister séances and the demonstration of his first hypnosis in front of Vienna's medical fraternity. The severely traumatized war veteran signs on with the police and is drawn into a mix of conspiracy, hypnosis and crime together with Freud and the psychic medium Fleur Salomé (Ella Rumpf), who is known all over town. While Freud initially believes Fleur to be a fraud, she increasingly becomes his confidante, occasionally causing him to doubt his world view as well his upcoming engagement to Martha Bernays (Mercedes Müller). Meanwhile, illustrious, noble Viennese society passes its time with profligate parties and mystic séances. People meet at Palais Szápáry, because the Hungarian nobility has long since made a name for itself in refined Viennese circles. But nobody suspects what Countess Sophia Szápáry (Anja Kling) and her cousin Count Viktor Szápáry (Philipp Hochmair) are really up to.

Facts and Fiction

The eight-part ORF/Netflix series "Freud" shows a restless Sigmund Freud, who is searching less for an explanation of the soul than he is for criminals.

"His psychoanalysis and the concept of id, ego and super-ego did not, of course, arise in a vacuum – they are based on experiences, on the events of a torn genius for whom nothing human was alien," says the director Marvin Kren.

The multi-award winning Viennese director Marvin Kren moves consciously between facts and fiction as a way of creating a whole new image of the Freud as a superstar. Dark lanes, abandoned canals and lost souls – in an interview, Kren even describes the genre of the series as "Vienna Noir" and with "Freud" once again stokes Vienna's reputation as the world capital of morbidity. Filming took 86 days in Vienna and Prague. The large cast encompasses a total of 90 roles.

Start of broadcast on Netflix

The series can be streamed internationally starting on March 23, 2020. For everyone who can hardly wait for "Freud" to start, here's the current trailer.

Freud | Official Trailer | Netflix

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