Floating gardens on the Danube Canal

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The floating gardens of Vienna

Although Vienna has long been known for being a green city, there is still room for improvement here. In this case, they didn't build upward as usually happens in cities but they did create new green space almost out of nothing. The floating gardens on the Danube Canal are a wonderful example of how existing circumstances can be utilized and historic buildings integrated into modern urban development projects.

The background: on one side is a 100 year-old unused lock structure, the Kaiserbad lock. Situated on the other is the ultimate summer hot spot – the Danube Canal promenade. In between flows the Danube Canal. The wish: more green space for the city.

And so, in about 3 months, a new leisure area was created, a historic structure was revitalized, and Vienna is now a little bit greener. Piles for the two bridges had to be anchored to a depth of 30 meters – no easy undertaking given that the Kaiserbad lock is heritage listed and was not to be damaged in any way during construction, despite the lack of space. Nevertheless, it's a result that is quite impressive.

However, swimming is not allowed. There are other options for jumping into cool water in Vienna, such as, for example, the natural bathing spots.

Schwimmende Gärten Schwimmende Gärten am Donaukanal

Franz-Josefs-Kai-Tragwerk 101
1010 Wien

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