Tower of soap by StoBa soap-makers

Organic and natural cosmetics in Vienna

Lovers of old craftsmanship and organic body products would best pay a visit to the Viennese Soap Factory in Vienna's 3rd district: Sonja Baldauf and her team make their own "Viennese soap" here to an old Viennese recipe based on coconut oil. The Saint Charles Cosmothecary is a "sister operation" to the Saint Charles Drugstore and is situated right across the street from it in Gumpendorfer Straße, in the 6th district. The very best in natural cosmetics are offered here on an area of 100 m². In the neighboring Saint Charles Hideaway, you can treat yourself with natural cosmetic and whole-body treatments. And everything good and natural, including professional advice, is offered by the original and lovingly run specialist shop Naturkosmetik Josefstadt. There are also products here from the Manufaktur Lederhaas (Lederhaas Manufactory), where select materials from controlled, organic cultivation are processed into premium-quality natural cosmetics and perfumes (products are also available here). Lederhaas products are also available at Kussmund Beauty Specialties - and the shop has many other high-quality, mostly organic and sustainably produced cosmetics and make-up.

The world-famous organic beauty company Botanicus, which hails from the Czech Republic, is also represented in Vienna. Home-grown ingredients form the basis of the Botanicus extracts. All products are made by hand and sold for reasonable prices. "Be good to your skin" - that's the motto of the stattGarten shop. This is where you will find a unique mix of long-established natural cosmetic products, trendy brands and exclusive gifts from Dr. Hauschka, Weleda and many more. Cosmetic treatments are also offered upstairs at the stattGarten studio. Sevie skincare is a manufactory of natural cosmetic products and works exclusively with purely plant-based ingredients of the very finest quality.

If you want to be fair to your hair, then you are well advised to head to natural hair stylist Arthur Frank. Only food and vegetable-based hair dyes are used for tints and coloring here, while the hair care products are based solely on chemical-free natural products.

Viennese Soap Manufactory

Hintzerstraße 6, 1030 Wien
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Saint Charles Cosmothecary & Hideaway

Gumpendorfer Straße 33, 1060 Wien
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Naturkosmetik Josefstadt

Josefstädterstraße 52, 1080 Wien
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Habsburgergasse 14, 1010 Wien
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Botanicus Vienna

Margaretenstraße 80, 1050 Wien
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stattGarten Shop

Kettenbrückengasse 14, 1040 Wien
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stattGarten Studio

Kettenbrückengasse 14/20, 1040 Wien
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Sevie skincare Manufaktur & Shop

Burggasse 128, 1070 Wien
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Natural Hair Stylist Arthur Frank

Salvatorgasse 10 , 1010 Wien
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