Interior of the shop "Zweigstelle"
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Urban gardens and green shops

Everyone's talking about Urban Gardening. You can also do things together in public gardens in Vienna. The City Farm Schönbrunn really gets you in the mood for gardening. On the site of the dairy where Empress Sisi one grazed her animals, vegetable and flower beds have been planted on 4,000 m² to pique the joy of gardening and to enable people to develop themselves on courses and guided tours. Even honey is produced here - just a stone's throw from the Schönbrunn Palace Park and zoo.

There is even an urban garden in the middle of the city: The Karlsgarten is Vienna’s first display and research garden for urban agriculture and is situated in the middle of Karlsplatz. Various types of fruit, vegetables and grains are cultivated in an area of 2,000m2. Anyone who would like to contribute to the gardening may look around a community or district garden in their area. The city of Vienna offers amateur gardeners an area which they can garden themselves, and charges a user fee. You can find more information here (german). One such project, the Wiental terraces will see giant sundecks installed above the Wienfluss river ready for planting with orchard trees and fruit bushes. Green facades, communal gardens and urban gardening are among the other alternative concepts at work in Vienna to increase the amount of greenery in the heart of the city.

Increasing numbers of shops with a "green" offering can also be found. "Zweigstelle" is the name of the somewhat different kind of florist. Here, in addition to stylish floral arrangements and modern decorations for home and garden, you can also buy original souvenir, such as honey from the Lobau. Situated directly on Vienna's Ringstraße, "Wohnkraft" offers garden furniture as well as sophisticated pots, vases, jugs, candles and more - preferentially from natural materials. At "Querbeet", enter the world of ethno-botanics: herbs, seeds and plants as well as competent advice await you here. Mostly hand-made garden accessories can be purchased at Rita Allram's "Blättergarten", an oasis for garden decoration. Those who find their way to the leafy garden on the somewhat secluded Wilhelminenberg, will be rewarded with decorative items, such as lotus leaves and oak leaves cast in concrete in the wonderful private garden and exhibition.

The herb manufactory "henzls ernte" strives toward a special objective, whereby the wild herbs it collects as well as fruit and vegetables from neighboring gardens are processed and sold according to seasonal availability. The focus here is on food that does not have its origins in industrial production. The offering also includes wild vegetable hikes followed by processing.

Wiental-Terrasse zwischen Redergasse und Spengergasse

Redergasse/Spengergasse, 1050 Wien
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Zweigstelle – Der Blumenladen

Porzellangasse 4, 1090 Wien
  • Opening times

    • Mo - Fr, 09:00 - 18:00
    • Sa, 09:00 - 13:00
    • Sommerzeiten Juli & August Mo - Fr, 09:00 - 18:00
    • Sommerzeiten Juli & August Sa, 09:00 - 13:00
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Stubenring 22, 1010 Wien
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Neubaugasse 71, 1070 Wien
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Henzls Ernte

Kettenbrückengasse 3, 1050 Wien
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