Food stand at the Brunnenmarkt in Vienna
© WienTourismus/Paul Bauer

Good things are so close by

Many Viennese producers and companies have come up with creative solutions for being able to survive in times of closed shops and lockdowns: They have converted to online trading and delivery services to supply fresh fruit, crisp vegetables and tasty meals:

Vienna's farmers on the web

Vienna's city farmers produce a regional variety of products and focus on quality and sustainability – in fact, Vienna leads the pack with a 26 percent share of organic land. The offer ranges from wonderful Viennese wine, to honey, herbs, as well as pigs, chili peppers and woolly pigs. We can be especially proud of our cucumber farmers, who grow 28,700 tons of cucumbers here every year – more than anywhere else in Austria. Vienna is the "cucumber capital". Farm sales are possible at over 100 places in Vienna. The campaign "Frisch zu mir" (Fresh to Me) has created a platform for deliveries of fresh regional produce.

Cheese stall at Brunnenmarkt
© WienTourismus/David Auner
Food stand at a market in Vienna
© Fürthner

New to the market

Vienna's popular markets, such as the Karmelitermarkt, the Naschmarkt, the Rochusmarkt, the Kutschkermarkt and the Meiselmarkt, were the local suppliers in grandma's time. To ensure that stays the case, fresh goods can be pre-ordered by telephone through and delivered to your door. The food booths at the Viennese markets are still open and supply top-quality fresh fruit and vegetables every day.

The way to solidarity is through the stomach

#mittagfueralltagsheldinnen (#lunchforeverydayheroes) - Well-known Viennese restaurants such as the Steirereck and the Hildebrandt Café cook for key worker, sales staff from adjacent food markets or drug stores and provide the best proof of solidarity in these challenging times.

Online and local

As of a few days ago, there have been lists of local companies that are currently supplying or have a special online offering. They offer everything from books and leisure items to clothing and accessories. In this way, local producers are supported. Even coffee roasted in Vienna, the finest snail goulash, and other Viennese delicacies or hand-stirred Viennese soap can be purchased via the platforms and

The website lets service providers such as yoga and music teachers as well as fitness trainers into their client's living rooms, where they livestream their classes.

The anticipation of shopping

On the platforms and, you can buy vouchers for everything you fancy right now, but unfortunately isn’t possible at the moment: Your favorite menu at a restaurant, the regular trip to the hair salon, or the next soccer match.

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