Street Art on a house wall in Vienna (oversized cancer and a style life)
© Jolly Schwarz

Calle Libre 2020

2020 is a year that we will all probably remember for a long time. So the motto of this year's Calle Libre Festival, "Future Perfect", fits the bill. The artists (Crazy Mister Sketch, David Leitner, Fabio Petani, Fresh Max, NDZW, VIDEO.SCKRE and Jana&JS) can give free rein to their imagination and will be showing us their interpretation of a perfect future - in form and colour.


Vienna and the legal walls

Already in the mid-1980s, the first walls in Vienna were approved for legal spraying. Almost ten years later, further wall areas on the Danube Canal followed. With the founding of the project "Wienerwand" (means "Viennese walls") in 2005, the symbol for legal street art walls in Vienna was created: the "Wiener Taube" (means "Viennese dove") . Wherever the dove can be seen, it is therefore legal to spray.

Open Art Guided Tour, Art Live Performances, Art Workshops

The Calle Libre Festival was founded by Jakob Kattner in 2014 and has since developed into the largest street art festival in Central Europe. The spectrum ranges from open guided tours and live performances to its own art workshops. Early registration is worthwhile: The guided tours and workshops have a limited number of participants.

Opening Party at the Schöne

The festival will open on August 1, 2020 at the "Schöne" (Kunst ab Hinterhof) with artist talks, a screen print presentation and of course with music.

Calle Libre 2020

Street-Art-Festival – "Future Perfect"


You can find more about the festival at

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