Maurice Ernst in dunkelblauer Fransenweste, mit beiden Händern einen weissen Pferdekopf haltend
© Boris Camaca

Approximation by Bilderbuch

Amadeus Austrian Music Award or album of the year: the trophy list could go on endlessly. At the latest since their hits "Bungalow" and "Maschin", there is no getting around the Austrian band "Bilderbuch" by Maurice Ernst. The bustling musicians can be seen in a multifaceted exhibition in Q21 in the MuseumsQuartier.

In the show "Approximation by Picture Book" all those creative people are brought before the curtain who normally work in secret on behalf of the band. The creative network around the band is shown. - A look at the Gesamtkunstwerk picture book.

Euro-Pass and soft drink bass

On display is an oversized Europass installation of Selam X, which refers to the single release of "Europa 22". At that time, online users could have a personalized EU passport issued and did so in large numbers. The project went viral on social media. Among the prominent downloaders was German TV host Jan Böhmermann. Fresh Max is the artist who, inspired by the cover of the single "Soft Drink", set up a life-size soft drink vending machine especially for the exhibition.

Even the best band connoisseur will be surprised: When was Maurice (lead singer of Bilderbuch) ever to be admired as the American Statue of Liberty or in a fringed vest with a horse's head? (Auditory) detail in passing: The exhibition is also available as a podcast for (re)listening.

Approximation by Bilderbuch


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