Netsuke "The Hare with Amber Eyes"

Edmund de Waal meets Albrecht Dürer

His book "The Hare with the Amber Eyes", in which he deals with his family and the eponymous Palais Ephrussi in Vienna, made Edmund de Waal world famous. The KHM has now invited the Brit, who works as a ceramic artist, to design an exhibition: In "During the Night", de Waal shows a selection of objects he found in the museum's exhibition rooms and repositories. His selection begins with the visual representation created in 1525 of a nightmare had by Albrecht Dürer ("Dream Vision"), which is kept in a volume belonging to the Kunstkammer Vienna (Chamber of Art and Wonders).

"When it's shown to me in one of the museum's repositories, I’m spellbound." (de Waal)

De Waal took further presentations of dream, fear, disharmony, unrest and the moment between sleep and waking from the inventories of the Portrait Gallery, the Kunstkammer Vienna (Chamber of Art and Wonders), the Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities, the library, the Collection of Historic Musical Instruments, the Imperial Treasury and the chamber of art of Ambras Palace in Innsbruck. The exhibition also includes four objects from the Naturhistorisches Museum Vienna as well as a new work specially created by Waal for the exhibition. The Netsuke (small carved figure from Japan) "The Hare with Amber Eyes" will also be exhibited.

KHM curator Jasper Sharp explains the explains the exhibition: "What all the objects have in common is the eye of the person that selected them. The composition is a personal re-interpretation of the past."

During the Night

11 October 2016 - 29 January 2017

Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art History Museum)

Maria-Theresien-Platz, 1010 Wien
  • Prices

    • Young people under 19   €0
    • Your benefit with the Vienna Card: 1€ off
  • Opening times

    • Tu - Su, 10:00 - 18:00
    • Th, 10:00 - 21:00
    • Open daily from June to August
  • Accessibility

    • Main entrance
      • 5 Steps (Double swinging doors   300  cm  wide )
        on Maria-Theresien-Platz, no ramp
    • Side entrance
      • no steps
        on Burgring 5
    • Car parks Main entrance
      • 5 Parking spaces for people with disabilities
        on Heldenplatz
    • Elevator available
      • 150 cm wide and 130 cm low , Door 99 cm wide
    • Further information
      • Wheelchair accessible restroom available.
    • Special offers for people with disabilities

      Wheelchair rental possible (please reserve one day in advance).
      Guided tours for visitors with special needs as well as tactile tours for the blind and visually impaired on request (Tel. +43 1 525 24-5202). Three masterpieces of the Renaissance collection of the painting gallery, selected objects of the Kunstkammer, the Egyptian-Oriental collection and the collection of antiquities are available to the blind and visually impaired as castings for touching. A brochure with image descriptions of this in Braille is available. Free admission for blind and visually impaired visitors with one escort.

Visual representation of a nightmare by Albrecht Dürer

Albrecht Dürer: "Dream Vision", 1525

Exhibit of ceramic pieces

Shelf with ceramic works

Netsuke "The Hare with Amber Eyes"

Netsuke "The Hare with Amber Eyes"

Portrait photograph of Edmund de Waal

Edmund de Waal

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