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Elena Luksch-Makowsky, Self-portrait, 1896
© Foto: Christopher Kesting / Belvedere, Wien

A modern woman

Everyone was talking about her: Elena Luksch-Makowsky, born in 1878 in St. Petersburg, was to be found in all major Viennese workshops and media at the beginning of the 20th century. From Ver Sacrum via Galerie Miethke to the Secession – where she was the first female member. She was literally born into the world of art. She comes from an established family of artists; both her father and her uncle were official painters to the court of the Russian Tsars. Elena Luksch-Makowsky studied first in St. Petersburg, later in Munich. In 1900, she married the Viennese sculptor Richard Luksch, with whom she lived in Vienna until 1907. Gustav Klimt (at the time first president of the Vienna Secession) was also impressed by her and saw to it that she was able to participate in exhibitions in 1901, 1902, and 1903.


With "Adolescentia", Luksch-Makowsky created a work that caused a furore. Because in the Vienna of the Fin de Siècle, at the end of the 19th century, nudity was a major socio-political topic. Her painting shows a group of young, buck naked people in a paradise garden landscape – entirely in the style of the Vienna Secession. In the foreground, a young girl, gazelle-like, unadorned. To avoid getting into trouble with the courts, she makes a skillful move: with the title "Adolescentia", she creates an allegory and thus heads off a conviction. The passage into adulthood is thus embodied by the young people who are moving between two phases of life. It's an important work that even today has lost none of its radiance.

The exhibition focuses on the career of Elena Luksch-Makowsky, her works for and with the Wiener Werkstätte and the Vienna Secession. Through her connections with Russia, she enriched not only her own œuvre but also that of the Secession. Finally, an exhibition is now also dedicated to the artist who can be described as a key figure of Vienna Modernism.

Elena Luksch-Makowsky

September 23, 2020 - January 10, 2021

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Upper Belvedere (Oberes Belvedere)

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