Last Judgment triptych

Hieronymus Bosch and the Last Judgment

The Dutch Renaissance painter, who died in 1516, left behind some puzzling works. One of his most famous can be seen in the Picture Gallery at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna: the World Court Triptych, which was created between 1504 and 1508. The subjects of these three-part painting are the Garden of Eden, the Last Judgment and Hell. The left panel deals with the creation of Eve, the fall from grace, the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, as well the Fall of the Angels. The large center panel (163.7 × 127 cm) shows a very gloomy scenario of the end of the world. The right panel shows the people damned by the judge of the world and the horrors of hell.

Two exhibitions in the Painting Gallery:

Hieronymus Bosch 500: Drones in the Garden of Eden - An everyday apocalypse
6 July - 2 October 2016

The Last Judgment by Hieronymus Bosch is set against a work by the contemporary artist Ivica Capan. The digital collage of photography and painting, in which a swarm of drones flies threateningly over Bosch's sinful world, raises the evil of mankind to new levels and brings it abruptly into the here and now.

Nature gone awry? Hybrid beings, gnomes and monsters (not only) with Hieronymus Bosch
4 November 2016 - 29 January 2017

Bosch's Last Judgment and his strange, vividly colorful creatures that depart from the image of an ideal, beautiful nature - often half human and half animal, often animal-like new creations - are at the heart of this exhibition. It shows amazing hybrid creatures with examples of medieval book painting, Renaissance graphic art or Baroque sculpture through to entirely strange objects of contemporary art.

Academy of Fine Arts, Picture Gallery (Gemäldegalerie der Akademie der bildenden Künste)

Schillerplatz 3 , 1010 Wien
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