Gallery rooms of Kunst ab Hinterhof (which means art from the backyard)
© Kunst ab Hinterhof

Kunst ab Hinterhof

See, touch and buy art. Kunst ab Hinterhof (KaH) on Kuffnergasse is returning art to where it belongs – among the people. The founders Florian Appelt and Richard Petz offer a new concept of art procurement with their platform. Because the threshold for entering a classic gallery ("white cube gallery") remains far too high, even today. Its goal? With KaH, they are rethinking the gallery business while wanting to continue developing it further. Their proposal: digital presence, price transparency, and no more exclusive contracts for artists. 

Ab Hinterhof

Showing art is one thing; also presenting it transparently in digital form is another. With their platform, they want to offer both newcomers to art and experienced collectors a new form of art procurement. The bandwidth ranges from prints via classical painting to photography and sculpture. There is something here for every taste and every budget, from low-cost to high-priced works. The randomizer on the digital platform lets art fans constantly discover new works and also gives them a good idea of the variety on offer. KaH's portfolio now has 220 Viennese and international artists with more than 1,200 works.

Die Schöne event space

A space that creates beauty, from which it derives its name. Die Schöne (The Beautiful) is a 300 m² space that allows lots of room for creativity. From exhibitions to performances, theater or work-in-progress settings. In addition, five studios are also available for artists to use. A place that awakens the joy of experimentation and is intended to evoke the unconventional.

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