Staud’s Collection: Art Nouveau

Staud’s Collection: Gustav Klimt & Viennese Art Nouveau

The selection of 47 different motifs - including several from renowned Viennese museums and the Viennese company Backhausen - were chosen to present Vienna around the world as the city of art and Art Nouveau. A grand total of ten million lids are being produced. The jars with their fruity contents are sold in 14 countries on four continents - including the U.S., Japan, China, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and Russia. This gives collectors many opportunities to acquire all 47 lid motifs.

Many Viennese hotels serve Staud's preserves for breakfast. The sweet delicacies can also be found in several museum stores and fine food shops. Of course the best place to shop for the preserves in the Staud Art Nouveau Collection is directly in Staud's Pavilion at Vienna's Brunnenmarkt (corner of Brunnengasse/ Schellhammergasse), while enjoying a stroll through this colorful, exotic market.

All motifs in Staud's Art Nouveau Collection

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