Viktor Frankl Museum Vienna
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Viktor Frankl Museum

The world's first Viktor Frankl Museum in Vienna is small but mighty. The famous Viennese doctor and philosopher himself lived in the same house that now accommodates the museum from the end of the Second World War until his death in 1997. The museum was opened in March 2015, when the Holocaust survivor Viktor E. Frankl would have turned 110 years old.

Visitors can go on a search for clues through the life, work and creativity of the founder of logotherapy. There is an active debate with personal sensory and existential questions (e.g. "Guilty - what next?" or "True love?"), which is answered with Frankl's theses and talks. This opens up a personal way for the visitors to find a sense of purpose. The interactive stops consists of turn boards, audio and video excerpts as well as boxes behind which questions and answers are located.

The exhibition is arranged in English/German. The guided tours are given by people trained in logotherapy and are only available outside opening hours.

Viktor Frankl Museum Vienna

Mariannengasse 1/15, 1090 Wien
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