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Strauss Monument at the Stadtpark on Viennas' Ringstrasse
© Schaub-Walzer/PID

Ringstrasse boulevard monuments

Warlords, rulers, emperors, composers and leading poets line the Ringstrasse. For the great men and women of Austrian and European history, a spot on the most beautiful boulevard in the world was only just good enough. The largest memorial is for Maria Theresia between the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the Museum of Natural History. It was unveiled personally by Emperor Franz Joseph in 1888.

The most often photographed memorial is probably the Johann Strauss Monument in the Stadtpark. The two imposing knight’s statues on Heldenplatz are those of Archduke Carl and Prince Eugene of Savoy. Friedrich Schiller and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe are located between the Opera and the Burggarten.

Empress Sisi was immortalized in the Volksgarten, while her husband, Emperor Franz Joseph, was carved in stone in the Burggarten. There is also a statue of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart there. A memorial for General Johann Joseph Wenzel Graf Radetzky was built in front of the former Ministry of War on the Stubenring.

Near the Parliament, there is the Monument of the Republic, which was proclaimed on the Ringstrasse in front of the Parliament in 1918. And Prince Karl Philipp von Schwarzenberg is immortalized on Schwarzenbergplatz. The Heroes’ Monument to the Red Army, also located on Schwarzenbergplatz, commemorates the approximately 17,000 soldiers who fell in the battle of Vienna in 1945.


Maria-Theresien-Platz, 1010 Wien
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Heldenplatz, 1010 Wien
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Schwarzenbergplatz, 1030 Wien
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