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Staud’s Collection 2015

Staud’s Collection: Treasures of the Ringstrasse

Staud's has selected 57 images to present the magnificent ring boulevard to the world – and its subjects include its grand architecture and elegant interiors, fascinating works of art and captivating details. A total of 15 million commemorative lids have been ordered for this event. The jars of fruit preserves will be sold primarily in ten countries on three continents, including the USA, Japan, China and Russia. Collectors will thus have plenty of opportunity to collect all 57 lids.

In Vienna, many hotels serve Staud's jellies and jams at breakfast. Some museum shops and delicatessens also carry the sweet treats. The best way to get your preserves in the Staud's Ringstrasse collection is directly from the Staud's pavilion at Vienna's Brunnenmarkt (corner of Brunnengasse and Schellhammergasse) – take a stroll through this colorful, exotic market!

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