Condoms in the Condomi Museum
© Ingrid Mack, Liebenswert

Condomi Museum

The Condomi Museum offers knowledge and curios about the topics of contraception and safer sex in 100 m² in the vault of the specialist erotic shop "Liebenswert - feminine Lebensart". From the joke condom with grimacing head to Viennese condom dispensers to the rubber in camouflaged packaging - dive into the richness of these protectors.

Early attempts at contraception ranged from sheep gut to the small linen bag to the fish bladder. The trip through the history of the rubber very quickly leads to the latex version of today's familiar condom - with better quality and a wider choice, of course. This ranges from the taste or sensation experience, from the visually-attractive to the pragmatic contraceptive.

Condomi Museum

Esterhazygasse 26 , 1060 Wien
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