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The Third Man Museum

Thirteen rooms with 2,500 original exhibits and the film zither of Anton Karas can be seen. His film music went around the world and triggered a real zither boom in the 1950s. Four hundred playable cover versions of the "Harry Lime theme" give an impression of how successful the music was at the time.

In addition, the museum owns original screenplays, cameras used on set and the cap of little Hansel. One of the highlights is a still functioning cinema projector from 1936, which plays back a short film sequence. "The Third Man" was screened on such projectors for the first time in 1950. - A film that shows Vienna like no other - a city destroyed by war and occupied by the Allies.

The private museum is in the vicinity of the atmospheric Vienna Naschmarkt and depicts everyday life in post-war Vienna with a spectacular collection of originals from around the world as much as the piece of cinematic history associated with this film.

A special exhibition is dedicated to the multitalented actor who played the role of Harry Lime, Orson Welles. 250 Photos, 40 posters and interviews offer an insight into the life of the complex artist. More information

The Third Man Museum also presents regular zither concerts: The musician Cornelia Mayer plays musical highlights from the classic film "The Third Man" live on stage. Information

Special exhibitions 2018

Vienna 1938 - The road to the "Anschluss". How to demolish a democracy (March 3 - August 25, 2018)
Graham Greene’s research for "The Third Man" is firmly tied to his friend and double agent Kim Philby, who was in Vienna in 1934. Marking the 80th year after the "Anschluss", this special exhibition shows how it was possible things emerged like this: Raising the crowds, splitting up society.

1948 - Vienna becomes a movie star. Filming "The Third Man" in Vienna (September 1, 2018 - January 5, 2019)
In February 1948, Graham Greene came to Vienna to do research for "The Third Man". A second visit followed in June 1948, this time together with director Carol Reed and producer Alexander Korda. The shoot in Vienna started in October 1948 and lasted until short before Christmas. In 1948 at the time of the Berlin Airlift, when the confrontation between the Soviets and the Western Allies escalated internationally, it was possible for the British film team in Vienna to shoot in the Soviet sector. "“The Third Man" brilliantly captured Vienna's situation after the war and made the city world famous as "movie star".

Third Man Museum (Dritte Mann Museum)

Pressgasse 25 , 1040 Wien
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    • Sa, 14:00 - 18:00
    • Weekday tours available, check online for details
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On the trail of Harry Lime: The Third Man Tour

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