Shoe Museum
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Vienna Shoe Museum

The museum owns a comprehensive collection of rare exhibits from many centuries. Not only the riding boots of Emperor Franz Joseph can be admired here, but also those soccer shoes in which the legendary Viennese soccer legend Matthias Sindelar shot goals for Austria’s “miracle team” of the 1930s. The authentic "Grossglockner" mountain shoe can be found here, as can the classic "Vienna Model,” a men’s shoe with a special pattern of holes.

One important aspect of the exhibition deals with ladies’ shoes and their fashions over the centuries. It is still a question among fashion historians whether the shoes in the exhibition owned by Empress Elisabeth were actually worn by her. Nevertheless, they are a great example of exclusive shoe design from the late nineteenth century.

In addition to showing the development of the fashion of shoes, you can also view an old-fashioned cobbler’s workshop from days long past. In addition to its permanent collection, the museum again and again shows special exhibitions on different themes regarding footwear.

Shoe Museum (Wiener Schuhmuseum)

Florianigasse 66, 1080 Wien
  • Prices

    • Adults   €3,50
  • Opening times

    • Every 2nd Tuesday of the month and upon request Tu, 16:00 - 19:00
    • Guided tour upon request
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Shoe Museum
© Landesinnung Wien der Schuhmacher
Shoe Museum
© Landesinnung Wien der Schuhmacher
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