The Imperial Palace
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Hofburg - Imperial Palace

In the center of the old city, you can admire the splendor and magnificence of the daily life of the noblest family of the Habsburg monarchy when you visit the private apartments and state rooms. Numerous museums and collections represent the imperial family’s passion for art.

Historically developed complex

The Imperial Palace, which until 1918 was inhabited by the imperial family, was originally a castle built in the thirteenth century, which was extended to a splendid residence in accordance with the increasing power of the Habsburgs and the expansion of their realm.

Today, the Imperial Palace houses the office of the Federal President as well as an important congress center and numerous art collections.

Immerse yourself in the Imperial Palace – Imperial Apartments and Treasuries

U1, U3: Stephansplatz
U3: Herrengasse
U2, U3: Volkstheater
Bus 48A: Dr.-Karl-Renner-Ring
Tram D, 1, 2, Bus 57A: Burgring

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