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Route of Emperors and Kings

And Vienna, the former center of the imperial-royal monarchy, with its unique ambiance: all of this can be experienced on the "Route of Emperors and Kings," an exciting itinerary from Regensburg to Vienna.

Enjoy the landscape

The itinerary takes the traveler from Regensburg to Passau and Linz, makes its way through the picturesque Strudengau and the narrow Nibelungengau with Lubegg and Artstetten palaces. This section of the Danube is rightly called "the region of abbeys and pilgrimages."

Melk offers its majestic Benedictine abbey and opens the doors to the Wachau valley: ending at Krems, it is one of the most beautiful natural sights in the world and is part of UNESCO'S World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Age-old, terraced vineyards and copious apricot tree plantations lend an unmistakable character to the region.

A relaxing stop might be made in one of the lovely towns along the Danube, like Aggsbach, Spitz and Weissenkirchen. The Dürnstein Ruins remind you of the English king Richard Lionheart, who was kept captive here during the twelfth century.

Vienna's imperial past

From Krems, you continue via Tulln (where many important trade fairs are held) to Vienna, the center of the Habsburg empire and of the former imperial-royal monarchy. Imperial splendor can be imbibed here: the Imperial Palace, St. Stephen's Cathedral, Schönbrunn Palace, Belvedere Palace, the many museums and the numerous aristocratic mansions along the Ring Boulevard make Vienna one of the most important cultural capitals and one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. And it can be reached by traveling the "Route of the Emperors and Kings."

Route of Emperors and Kings

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Route of Emperors and Kings

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