Hotrod with view over Vienna

Exceptional Vienna Tours

Touring Vienna with a Polaroid camera

Outfitted with a polaroid camera (provided free of charge), our Polaroid Photo Guides take you on a variety of different "Instant Tours" to some of the city’s most photogenic locations (Schönbrunn Palace, the city center, Prater, etc.). This of course includes a primer on the art of instant photography and a roll of film with eight pictures.
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Soapbox car ride along the Ringstrasse

With 14 horsepower under your posterior, you can explore Vienna in style: The "Hot Road City Tour" takes you through the city on motorized soapboxes. More information

Ugly Vienna with a wink

The unusual and entertaining “Vienna Ugly Tour“ (English only), led by British-born Eugene Quinn, takes you to 19 of Vienna’s architectural scandals. More information

Graffiti Tour

Vienna’s Graffiti Museum offers guided group tours (with prior reservation) to interesting examples of the city’s graffiti culture.
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Woman with Polaroid camera at the Vienna State Opera House

Instant Tours

Woman with Polaroid camera and wall graffiti

Instant Tours

Woman with Polaroid camera at the Otto Wagner Karlsplatz Pavilion

Instant Tours

Hotrods on Heldenplatz in Vienna

Hot Rod City Tour

The "House of Time" on Karmelitermarkt

Vienna Ugly Tour

Federal Ministry on Vordere Zollamtsstrasse

Vienna Ugly Tour

Substation on Cobdengasse

Vienna Ugly Tour

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