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Open for encounters

The city is creating spaces of encounter and movement for its residents and visitors – which is also important in such a green city as Vienna, especially during the pandemic. Good weather brings the people outdoors; after all, movement and exercise is and remains healthy. The many places in the public domain also serve as ideal meeting points.

Vienna has an amazing offering of parks and green spaces that are waiting to be discovered in almost every corner of the city. There are 990 urban parks and a number of wonderful Federal Gardens (Volksgarten, Burggarten, Augarten, Belvedere, Schönbrunn Palace Park).

Green shopping areas

Green also characterizes Vienna's cityscape away from the parks. They aren't known about everywhere, but zones of encounter have long been a part of everyday life in Vienna. In recent years, many popular streets (or sections of them) have been transformed into urban oases – such as Rotenturmstrasse and Herrengasse (1st district), Otto-Bauer-Gasse (6th district), Neubaugasse and Zollergasse (7th district) and Lange Gasse (8th district).

These zones of encounter are characterized by wide sidewalks or all-over paving, as well as lots of places to sit and, of course, shady trees and shrubs. Traffic calming is the order of the day here: pedestrians, cyclists and drivers all have equal priority. The maximum speed limit is 20 km/h. 

Unique markets

Vienna also remains well supplied during the coronavirus pandemic – also because of the Viennese markets. When it comes to markets, there's something for every taste. Overall, there are 26 Viennese markets with a total area of 90,000 square meters. At the Naschmarkt in the 6th district, the Karmelitermarkt in the 2nd district or the Brunnenmarkt in the 16th district, you're sure to find the ingredients for your favorite Viennese recipe.

The city of Vienna offers all visitors and residents a good overview of the zones of encounter  and markets.

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