Egon Schiele, Portrait
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Egon Schiele biography

Egon Schiele’s works around 1900 were also the cause of Vienna’s first art scandal. Schiele’s tireless efforts during his short lifetime – he only lived to the age of 28 – are remarkable.

Born on June 12 in Tulln an der Donau (Lower Austria)

Following a rejection from the Wiener Kunstgewerbeschule, Schiele studies at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Schiele moves into his own studio in Vienna and comes into contact with Gustav Klimt.

First public exhibition (in the Kaisersaal room at Klosterneuburg Abbey).

Four of Schiele’s works are shown at the International Art Exhibition in Vienna. Due to differences of opinion he leaves the Academy of Fine Arts and sets up the Neukunstgruppe.

Schiele moves to Český Krumlov in the Czech Republic with Wally Neuzil, his best-known model, were he paints his visionary city landscapes.

Additional exhibitions, including a show at the Secession, follow.
As well as time spent in jail: after moving from Český Krumlov to Neulengbach in Lower Austria, Schiele is falsely accused of seducing a minor and kept in custody for 24 days.
He creates his two best-known works, Portrait of Wally and his Self-Portrait with Physalis (both of which can be seen at the Leopold Museum)

The Association of Austrian Artists led by its president, Gustav Klimt, approves Schiele’s membership. Several exhibitions in Austria and Germany follow.

Schiele’s poems are published in weekly journal Die Fackel. His art works are shown at exhibitions in Rome, Brussels and Paris.

Schiele completes his military service at the Imperial Museum of Military History, where he curates exhibitions of war paintings and concentrates on his painting career.

The 49th Vienna Secession exhibition is dedicated to Schiele. He also has his first taste of material success: virtually all of the 50 paintings and sketches on show at the exhibition are sold.
On 31 October he succumbs to Spanish Influenza. Schiele is laid to rest in Ober Sankt Veit cemetery in the Hietzing district of Vienna.

Schiele hotspots in Vienna: Leopold Museum, Belvedere, Wien Museum, Albertina, Museum of Military History

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