View of the Volksgarten and Parliament at the Ringstrasse in Vienna
© WienTourismus/Christian Stemper

Vienna Ring View

Explore the stunning edifices, such as the Imperial Palace, Parliament, the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien and City Hall on a panoramic photo you can “walk around“. Step inside the buildings and take a peek behind the scenes of the Burgtheater, Vienna State Opera and others. Enjoy the incredible views, amazing insights and exciting panoramas. And learning interesting, amazing and bizarre facts from 150 years of the Ringstrasse.

Did you know, for example, that a canon was fired every day at exactly noon - just so that the locals could set their clocks and watches? This practice lasted until 1928. Or that Vienna's Imperial Palace was haunted by a ghost until 1898? Or that the actors of the Burgtheater could sunbathe on the roof of the renowned theater and take a shower afterwards until 1977? Stories and history beckon ...

Embark on the Ringstrasse journey through time here:

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