Nychos sitting on the couch of the Vienna Therapy installation
© Hannes Kreuzer

Vienna Therapy – An Art Installation by Nychos feat. Sigmund Freud

Held at Melbourne’s Federation Square from March 8 to 12 2017, the installation centred around a three dimensional white sculpture, The Dissection of Sigmund Freud, created by Vienna street artist Nychos. It presents a modern portrait of Freud’s inner mind, and pays homage to his celebrated work to develop a deeper understanding of the human psyche and our subconsciousness.

The imposing sculpture of a dissected Freud looms over a giant therapy couch for those brave enough to offer themselves up for analysis. Those keen to share their Freudian experience with friends made use of the gif-booth and uploaded the moving images to social media using the hashtag #viennatherapy

Visitors had their mind “mapped” via an innovative brainwave sensing headset designed to uncover their subconscious desires. Following the mind-mapping, they received a personalised list of recommendations for exploring Vienna based on their individual likes and dislikes.

Complimentary Vienna Roast coffee by Boutique Roastery Coffee Basics was also served daily from 9.30am to 12.00pm, with a choice of the Melange (Vienna’s take on a latte) or a Kleiner Schwarzer (single shot of espresso).

Those who had their mind “mapped” were given the chance to win a trip to the Austrian capital, carefully tailored to their innermost wishes.

For those unable to try out the Vienna Mind Map on location, there was also the possibility to win a customized trip to Vienna by doing an online picture association test to explore their unconscious desires.

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