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Experience the Summer Night Concert 2016 - now in 360°

The famous Summer Night Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic was held for the thirteenth time this year - under an open sky in front of the magnificent backdrop of Schönbrunn Palace. Under the Russian conductor Semyon Bychkov, the renowned Viennese orchestra this time presented an almost exclusively French program, once again underscoring Vienna's importance as a hotspot of the international music scene.

Leading musical ensembles, such as the Philharmonic or the Vienna Boys' Choir, continue to set a first-class tone in the world capital of music. The Vienna State Opera and the Golden Hall of the Musikverein are among the best performance venues in the world. And in no other city have more famous composers lived and worked than in Vienna - including Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and "Waltz King" Johann Strauss, whose "Wiener Blut" represents the highlight of the annual Summer Night Concert.

A bigger audience than ever before

An audience of more than 100,000 people - more than ever before - gathered in the Palace Park this year and were joined by a further million people who watched the broadcasts just on ORF2 and 3sat, as well as countless more around the world. Because the event was shown by TV stations in a total of 82 countries on all five continents. And at the live public viewings organized by the Vienna Tourist Board in London, Madrid, Monza and Bucharest, a further 14,000 music fans experienced the "Summer Night Concert" in the open air on giant screens.

With our five-minute 360° video, you too can get a sense of the fantastic atmosphere on this unforgettable evening. Our camera ride to the strains of "Wiener Blut" takes you from the stage, through the orchestra and the Palace Park up to the stunningly illuminated Gloriette, the biggest and most famous of all viewing pavilions of its kind.

A production of Deep Inc. for Vienna Tourist Board in association with Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF).

The mouse or keyboard controls the all-round view on the computer. On a smartphone, the video ( has to be loaded via the YouTube app for optimal presentation – because the integrated sensors then gage the position of the device and the viewing direction is determined by rotating and turning it.

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