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Terms of Use for the Vienna Tip

1. I declare that all the texts and images uploaded by me have been created by me and that I am therefore the sole owner of all copyrights to these texts/images.

2. I hereby grant the Vienna Tourism Association (hereinafter "WienTourismus") full, transferable, non-exclusive, and unlimited permission to use all texts/images uploaded by me without restriction for the duration of the statutory protection period in accordance with Art. 24 Sec.1 of the Austrian Copyright Act (UrhG). This permission to use my works includes all rights in accordance with Art. 14 - 18 a UrhG, in particular the right of duplication, editing (both of the uploaded texts and the uploaded images, e.g. by cropping, linguistic amendment of the texts, selection of cropped sections for images), translation, and placement in the public domain. I waive all rights to the acknowledgement of creatorship pursuant to Art. 20 UrhG.

3. I confirm that the texts and images uploaded by me are free from third-party rights and that I alone am entitled to hold the copyright. I also confirm that I have not taken any steps that stand in the way of the granting of rights provided for by this agreement. If a claim is brought against WienTourismus by a third party as a result of copyright violations caused by the texts/images I upload, I hereby declare that I shall hold harmless and indemnify WienTourismus. In connection with this declaration, I also agree that my IP address and the timing of the upload procedure may be saved by WienTourismus and my master data ascertained in case of conflict.

4. This contractual relationship shall be subject to Austrian law (excluding the rules governing conflict of law). The respective, competent court in this matter in Vienna, City Centre, is agreed as the place of jurisdiction.



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