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Music & Art

  • SPOT - Sep-Nov 2021
    Vienna’s Cultural Highlights
  • On the trail of famous musicians - The walk of discovery
    Many important composers, among Alban Berg and Antonio Vivaldi, lived and worked in Vienna. The walk invites you to follow their musical trails.
  • Mozart Walk
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, born in Salzburg, but lived, worked and celecrated successes in Vienna. The walk leads through the exciting life of the exceptional composer.
  • Haydn Walk
    Joseph Haydn, music director of the Exterhazy family of princes and close confidant of Mozart, focused his life on Vienna. This tour documents where he lived and composed.
  • Beethoven Walk
    The representative of Viennese classical music and student of Haydn first came to Vienna when he was 17 years old. At age 22, he returned and stayed forever.
  • Strauss Walk
    The waltz king Johann Strauss, his father and his brothers were highly regarded composers. The tour focuses on the musical family's success story.
  • Klimt Walk
    "The Kiss" and the "Beethoven Frieze" are just two examples of Gustav Klimt´s outstanding art. On the walk, learn about Klimt´s journey from historicism to Art Nouveau.
  • Architecture from Art Nouveau to the Present
    Vienna´s architectural jewels from art nouveau to the present day, new urban districts and tours complete with city map.
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