... and even more useful apps

Freewave WiFi Finder (free)

Find all the Freewave WiFi hotspots in Vienna - even offline, because all information is stored on your mobile device. With over 300 hotspots, Freewave is the biggest provider of free WiFi in Austria.

Languages: German, English

iphone, Android

Free WiFi finder (free)

Find free WiFi hotspots online and offline.

iphone, Android

Susi – Information about the city and region

With Susi you’ll find everything you need when out and about from day to day or on a city break: restaurants, shops, drugstores, ATMs, mailboxes and much more besides.

Languages: German, English

iphone, Android

Oanda currency converter (free)

A proven tool for converting into over 190 currencies.

Language: English

iphone, Android, BlackBerry

journi – The travel diary 

The journi app and related web portal lets users collect experiences on their visit to Vienna and other trips and is a simple way to share them with friends and family or the entire community. Simple operation means that entries can also be quickly supplemented with photos, notes, locations, etc.

iPhone, Android

Vienna – Memoricy (free, in-app purchases)

The app gives visitors to Vienna the possibility to create a photo album of their city trip via their smartphone - it's really easily using images from their own photo gallery. More information at www.memoricy.com


HEROLD telephone directory (free)

With HEROLD, you can find 4.1 million telephone numbers in Austria, including contact information for 330,000 companies. Especially useful when searching for restaurants, hotels, taxis and shops.

Languages: German, English

iphone, Android

Austria drugstore app (free)

Find drugstores in your vicinity, with opening times and information on day and night services.

Language: German

iphone, Android, Windows phone

film.at (free)

The most extensive Austrian cinema and film database is now also available for iPhone, iPod, Touchpad and iPad. The app looks for cinemas near you and shows you the current listings.

Languages: German, English

Android, iphone

Wetter.at (free)

Get the latest weather information, data and forecasts for every town in Austria. Additional features include saving towns as favorites or a GPS-based weather forecast for your current location.

Language: German

iphone, Android

City Maps 2Go (free)

With City Maps 2Go, get open street map data on your smart phone, anywhere in the world. Plus point: all maps can also be used offline.

Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish

iphone, Android

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